Digital Director for Creating Change Conference 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

Roles: Digital Director for largest LGBTQ conference in the United States with 4,000 attendees. Managed a team of 3-5 digital media professionals to provide live coverage for 5 days.

Goal: Reach an online audience of over 9 million in 5 days by providing live coverage of the conference and engaging with and amplifying conference attendees on social media.

Strategy: Manage a professional digital media team and train volunteers to provide live coverage on the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat simultaneously throughout all 5 days, highlighting key workshops, trainings, events, and plenaries.

Success: Creating Change Conference hashtags trended each year in their respective cities, reaching between 8 million to 12 million on Twitter, and up to 1 million on Instagram. Live coverage of activists at the 2015 conference brought national attention to addressing the violence facing trans women of color, and led to the formation of the $20 million Trans Funding Initiative. Our 2017 conference, held during Trump’s inauguration, broadcast to millions live protests of his anti-LGBTQ policies by attendees.


  • Build momentum on social media for 2 months leading up to the conference, including preview Twitter chats and Facebook Live sessions with conference staff
  • Create hundreds of customized social media graphics to promote workshops, trainings, events, performances and more throughout the 5 days.
  • Livestream daily plenaries/keynotes and provide live commentary and coverage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Collect and cultivate thousands of photos to illustrate the diversity of the LGBTQ community and LGBTQ issues
  • Develop a strong crisis response plan for on-site protests and any other emergencies (i.e. anti-LGBTQ violence)
  • Produce at least 3 “insider” Facebook Live panels/interviews each day in our on-site digital studio with celebrities, presenters, staff, and attendees
  • Train staff members and host committee volunteers in providing live coverage on social media, and amplify their accounts on the organization’s account
  • Cultivate and coordinate journalists and key influencers providing live digital coverage of the conference

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