Greenpeace’s #BootPruitt action at Trump Hotel/EPA June 2018

My Roles: Messaging strategy, email, petition website, and coverage via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Live

Background: On June 4, news broke of yet more scandals for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, including that he had asked an aide to order a discounted mattress from the Trump hotel. We wanted to use the momentum from this media moment to build awareness of the “true scandal” of Scott Pruitt: the irreparable damage he has done to the environment

Goal: To force Scott Pruitt’s resignation as EPA Administrator

Strategy: To use humorous direct action to create a media moment spotlighting the #BootPruitt campaign, and to use this media moment to build engagement with our email list for our petition and fundraising


  • Tell a visual story on social media of delivering him a mattress to the EPA from the Trump hotel, including costumed bellhops, a puppet of Pruitt, and a mattress saying “Take Your Used Trump Hotel Mattress and Resign Already.
  • Write messaging which included key facts, such as “he has met with industry officials 25 times more often than environmental groups during his short time in office.”
  • Provide Facebook Live, live-tweeting, and Instagram updates during the action
  • Create a Twitter “Moment” after the action, and respond to people who engaged online
  • Use visuals from action to send a petition email and fundraising email on #BootPruitt to over 1.5 million constituents

Outcome: Our action was featured on “All In With Chris Hayes” that evening. Our Facebook Live had 146K Views and 3,570 Shares. Our tweets had over 1,000 engagements, and were retweeted by reporters including Alejandro Alvarez from WTOP.  Scott Pruitt resigned on July 5, 2018, and we were able to fundraise thousands off the action and the victory.


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